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The HELPERR mnemonic is an established protocol for shoulder dystocia prevention. This involves seven steps that can be taken to reduce risk of injury during shoulder dystocia complications.

H - Call for help

  • The appropriate personnel with the necessary equipment.

E - Evaluate for episiotomy

  • A surgical incision of the perineum during childbirth to facilitate delivery.

L - Legs (the McRoberts maneuver)

  • A maximal flexion and abduction of the maternal hips.

P - Suprapubic pressure

  • A hand of an assistant should be placed suprapubically over the fetal anterior shoulder, applying pressure in a downward and lateral motion on the posterior aspect of the fetal shoulder.

E - Enter maneuvers (internal rotation)

  • An attempt to manipulate the fetus to rotate the anterior shoulder into an oblique plane and under the maternal symphysis.

R - Remove the posterior arm

  • Grasping and pulling directly on the fetal arm may fracture the humerus and should be avoided.

R - Roll the patient

  • The patient rolls from her existing position to the all-fours position.

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