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Woman Awarded $28 Million for Botched Gynecological Surgery

A Florida woman has been awarded $28 million for a surgical error that has left her requiring the aid of a catheter for the remainder of her life.  

Forty-two year old Jeanette Davis underwent a routine operation under the care of gynecologist Robert Bowles to alleviate an incontinence problem due to multiple childbirths.  

Dr. Bowles allegedly performed the botched surgery on her urethra and left Davis unable to urinate naturally.  “It’s a nightmare,” said Davis of her injuries.  Davis now has to catheterize herself twice daily.

A six-person jury found in favor of Jeanette Davis in her lawsuit against Dr. Bowles and the Physician Associates of Florida.   The plaintiff was awarded $3 million for the injury and suffering she has already endured, in addition to another $25 million for future pain and suffering.

Dr. Bowles’ attorney Richard Womble called the amount, “exorbitant”.  “We feel very strongly the doctor didn’t do anything wrong,” Womble said.  “Dr. Bowles is a fine man and a good doctor.  This is just a shame.”

Womble alleges that Bowles was not negligent in his care of Davis and continued to monitor her condition following the surgery.  Davis, needless to say, terminated her patient relationship with Dr. Bowles.  

Womble also added that there will be an appeal to reduce the award based on the facts that Davis’ life was not shortened due to the injury, and it has also not affected her ability to work and provide for herself.  

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