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Settlement Reached in Emergency Room Misdiagnosis

A man who entered a Florida emergency room because of a stroke left in worse condition after an emergency room misdiagnosis.

The man and his family, who filed a lawsuit against emergency room doctors in 2000, are relieved that the lengthy trial has finally come to and end.

Emergency Room Visit Gone Wrong

Allan Navarro was submitted into the ER and doctors immediately diagnosed him as having a stroke, which led him to become comatose. 

When Navarro awoke, he was completely paralyzed and could no longer speak clearly as the result of his misdiagnosis.

He is still learning to eat solid food and doctors say he will be confined to a wheelchair for the duration of his life.

Patient Takes Action

Navarro, with the support of his family, filed a suit against the doctors who diagnosed him in the emergency room that fateful day.

A jury recently awarded Navarro $217 million in punitive damages and for the pain and suffering he has endured and will be forced to live with in the future.

The Navarro’s settled with the ER doctors for an undisclosed amount.

Turning a Negative into a Positive

Navarro has decided to create something positive from his misfortune and plans on donating $1 million of his settlement money to spinal cord injury research.

“It’s a great way to launder money, take bad money and make it good,” commented Steve Yerrid, Navarro’s attorney.

(Source: St. Petersburg Times)

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