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Public Citizen Claims Defeat of Medical Malpractice Bill a Victory for Consumers

Consumer advocacy group Public Citizen hailed the U.S. senators who blocked medical malpractice legislation today. The group called the bill a “cruel” attempt to “place an arbitrary $250,000 limit on the non-economic damages that can be awarded to unfortunate people who are crippled, blinded, or otherwise horribly injured or killed as the result of medical malpractice.” The announcement went on to state that insurance companies have been raising prices on malpractice, home, and auto insurance policies to make up for lower investment earnings in the current economy. In conclusion, the group declared, “There is no doubt that some doctors are struggling to pay outrageously inflated insurance premiums. But it is simply wrong to blame malpractice victims or demonize the lawyers who represent them. It is time to seriously scrutinize the insurance industry’s role in this crisis.”

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