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Boston Surgeon Accused of Negligence

A surgeon at Brockton Hospital in Boston has been accused of negligence in several surgical error cases; however, many are questioning why she is still allowed to practice.

This week, the surgeon was found to be partially responsible for the death of a patient in 2001 and she has reportedly already made payments in two other malpractice cases within the past decade.

Jury Holds Surgeon Responsible

Dr. Julie G. White was found to be negligent in the death of Shannyn MacPherson who underwent surgery at the hospital.

Although Dr. John J. Ambrosino was the lead surgeon during the procedure, since White assisted with the procedure, she is being held responsible as well.

“Ultimately, he closed the wound, but she went along with it. She didn’t in any way disagree with that,” explains Robert Higgins, attorney for the MacPherson family.

Not the First Time

According to reports, this marks the third malpractice case that White has been involved with while practicing at Brockton Hospital.

In 1998, White was supposedly disciplined by the Board of Registration in Medicine for performing surgery on the wrong part of a patient’s leg.

As a result there was a serious lack of blood flow to patient’s leg.

The medical board says that Brockton Hospital never reprimanded White or suspended her license for the incident, which is concerning.

(Source: Wicked Local)

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