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Medical Practitioner Sued for Botched Abortion

An abortion practitioner in Massachusetts, who reportedly killed a woman last year in a botched surgery, is now being sued by the patient’s mother.

The practitioner gave up his medical license last month due to the incident and is now facing further repercussions.

Doctor Accused

Rapin Osathanondh performed an abortion on 22-year-old Laura Smith, in September and following the procedure Smith died at the Women’s Health Center.

Eileen Smith filed the wrongful death suit against Osathanondh blaming him for her daughter’s sudden death.

“This is not your standard medical malpractice case,” says David Angueira, the attorney representing Smith. “This doctor did something really wrong.”

Suit Claims Negligence

The suit claims that Osathanondh failed to properly monitor Smith after the surgery while she was still under anesthesia.

Osanthanondh is also accused of not monitoring Smith’s vital signs.

Defendant Gives Up License

Osanthanondh surrendered his medical license shortly after the suit was filed and will not be able to practice medicine again without an appeal.

“While nothing can bring Laura and her baby back, we take great comfort in knowing that he will never hurt another woman or kill another innocent child,” says spokeswoman for the Women’s Health Center, Cheryl Sullenger.

(Source: LifeNews)

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