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Planned Parenthood Sued for Botched Abortion

A woman has filed a suit against a Planned Parenthood clinic in Nebraska claiming they were negligent in performing her abortion.

The woman reportedly suffered from seizures and was forced to undergo an emergency hysterectomy following her surgery.

Allegations Filed Against Clinic

The 40-year-old woman claims that the employees at Planned Parenthood abused her and continued to perform the operation after she told them to stop.

Preceding the abortion, the woman reportedly suffered three seizures and was rushed to the hospital where doctors were forced to remove her uterus and left ovary.

Doctors Report on Injuries

Council Bluffs, Inc., and its medical director, Dr. Meryl Severson, have also been named in the suit as defendants.

“In my professional opinion these injuries were inflicted during the abortion procedure. Had she not received emergency care when she did, it is my professional opinion that the patient could have hemorrhaged to death,” reported one of the doctors who performed the hysterectomy on the woman.

Victim Seeks Compensation

“Our client feels completely violated,” explained the woman’s attorney, Jefferson Downing. “Her right to choose to have the procedure stopped was ignored, and she was also robbed of her right to choose to have children in the future.”

The victim is seeking unspecified damages for her physical pain, mental suffering and medical expenses.

(Source: Crosswalk News)

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