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Botched Vocal Cord Surgery Patient Sues

A man has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against a hospital for performing surgery on the wrong side of his vocal cords nearly killing him.

Larry bimbo, 66, underwent radiation therapy many years ago to treat his lung cancer. This resulted in the paralysis of his left vocal cord.

He went to Catholic Healthcare West and St. Joseph’s Hospital for treatment. In June 2005, Bimbo consented to a laryngoplasty – a procedure in which an implant is put in place to brace a weak, or damaged vocal cord in place closer to the functioning vocal cord to allow the patient to speak, swallow, and breathe more easily.

The Doctor’s Mistake

However, the doctors performed the surgery on his right vocal cords, which were healthy. The implant impaired the function of his healthy vocal cord, and since the unhealthy one was still not functioning well, Bimbo’s ability to swallow, speak, and even breathe were hindered.

“This mistake could have killed him,” said Tempe lawyer Christopher Piekarski, who is representing Bimbo. “His health absolutely deteriorated while he was under their care. The standard of care was violated.”

The lawsuit, filed in a Mesa Superior Court, names physician Jerry Josen and Arizona Otolaryngology Consults as defendants in addition to the two hospitals.

Piekarski said that Bimbo had to undergo additional procedures to have the implant removed and to have the damaged vocal cord correctly treated.

Bimbo seeks general compensatory damages of an unspecified dollar amount.

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