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Brain Tumor Patient Wins $16M Malpractice Suit

A woman who suffered brain damage after she had a brain tumor surgically removed has won a $16 million medical malpractice lawsuit against the medical school where the procedure was performed and the doctor who performed the operation.

The University of Miami neurosurgeon, Dr. Jacques Morcos, performed the procedure on Lourdes Landis, 48. After she was released from the hospital, Landis suffered a seizure, which left her brain damaged.

“We allege that the surgery should not have been undertaken because the risks far outweighed the benefits,” said Landis’ lawyer, Jay Halpern.


Landis went to Jackson Memorial complaining only of headaches. She had an MRI, the results of which showed a brain tumor, said Halpern.

Morcos also discovered that Landis had Von Willebrand disease, which delays blood clotting.

“The neurosurgeon sought a consultation with a hematologist to do surgery on her with that condition,” said Halpern. “The doctor did not follow the hematologist’s recommendations.”

According to Halpern, the MRI showed that there was blood in Landis’ brain, and Marcos failed to properly manage the blood during the tumor removal.

Following the surgery, according to Halpern, the doctors also failed to confirm the anti-seizure medication level Landis was supposed to take before sending her home.

She suffered the seizure within two days. The seizure left her brain-damaged and incapable of returning to her job.

According to Halpern, the doctor “prematurely discharged her while she was going downhill clinically.”

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