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Woman Awarded $895,000 in Delayed Breast Cancer Diagnosis Trial

A woman who claimed her doctor’s negligence in diagnosing her breast cancer caused her to undergo invasive surgery and harsh chemotherapy treatments, was awarded $895,000 in damages for her damages suffered.

Cynthia Storm, 39, visited Dr. Debra S. Pike in January 2002 after she felt a lump in her breast. Pike performed ultrasound tests and a mammogram, which detected no tumor in Storm’s breast.

Eight months later, Pike felt the lump and referred Storm to another doctor for a biopsy, who confirmed the tumor was cancerous. But by that time, the cancer had metastasized forcing Storm to have an operation and chemotherapy.

According to medical experts, if the cancer had been detected earlier, Storm would not have need the radical surgery and strong drug treatments that caused her to suffer from heart damage.

Furthermore, experts concluded that there is a 50 percent chance Storm’s cancer will return within 10 years.

Storm was awarded $770,000 in compensation for her losses, which included $225,000 for pain and suffering, $200,000 for lost income capacity, $150,000 for loss of enjoyment of life, $100,000 for cosmetic disfigurement, $50,000 for embarrassment, and $20,000 for medical bills.

Storm’s husband was given $125,000 in compensation for loss of consortium.

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