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Bronx Woman Sues Hospital Over Misdiagnosis

A woman living in New York recently filed a suit against St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital that accuses the facility of misdiagnosing her pregnancy.

As a result of the pregnancy, the woman claims she was forced to have an unnecessary abortion.

Woman Experiences Pregnancy Problems

Mbayme Ndoye, 29, was reportedly admitted to Roosevelt Hospital suffering from abdominal cramps.

Doctors told Ndoye that the pregnancy was ectopic, a condition in which the fetus develops outside of the womb and that she needed to have an abortion. 

Doctors Make Horrific Mistake

After agreeing to the abortion, Ndoye was supposedly given methotrexate, which is a cancer drug that is also used to abort pregnancies.

When Ndoye returned for her fourth dose of the treatment, doctors allegedly informed her that they had made a mistake and that her pregnancy was in fact healthy.

“It’s a pretty horrific experience,” said Brian Brown, the attorney for Ndoye. “There’s a sense of shame, that maybe she’s responsible.”

A Life Altered

Since the incident, Ndoye had another child, but has been going to counseling.

“She aborted her own healthy child, which she would not have done,” says Brown.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified financial compensation for the wrongdoing.

(Source: The New York Sun)

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