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Brooklyn Patient Injured after Medical Mistake

Tabitha Mullings, 32, was released Nov. 21 from Brooklyn Hospital Center in Fort Greene, New York, and she and her attorney stated their intention to sue the Center for $100 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit. The Brooklyn native, a mother of three, was treated at the Center's emergency room in September after complaining of pain in her side and hands.

Hospital Wrongly Diagnosed Patient

The Center's medical staff told her that she had a kidney stone; she was given painkillers and sent home. The next day, her pain increased significantly and she was rushed to back to the hospital. She had an infection — not a kidney stone — that blocked off the blood flow to her extremities.

Coma, Amputation, Loss of Vision

She lapsed into a semi-coma for two weeks, and when she awoke, the Center's physicians told her they had to amputate both her hands and both her feet, and that the infection also caused the loss of vision in her right eye. She is now suing the hospital for not giving her the simple blood test that would have detected the infection on the first day she was seen.

Rehabilitation, Reunion with Family

Mullings' attorney is Sanford Rubenstein, a highly respected personal injury advocate and partner in the Brooklyn law firm of Rubenstein & Rynecki. He accompanied his client on her departure from the Brooklyn Hospital Center; she is transferring to the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation in Manhattan for a long and difficult course of rehabilitation.

Rubenstein described Mullings as "a role model for those who suffer a tragedy." She stated, "I want to thank God for giving me a chance to live through this...the first thing I will do is hug my kids as tight as possible.

(Source: Fox News)

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