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Burnt Scrotum Lawsuit Yields $70,000 Verdict

A federal jury has found a clinic, one of its doctors, and one of its nurses liable for the burns a man suffered to his scrotum during a test.

The lawsuit was filed against Dr. Bob B. Mann Jr., RN Lisa Parsons, and the PAPP Clinic. Mann was found liable on medical malpractice and negligence charges, while Parsons was found liable for negligence alone.

What Happened?

In 2002, David Morrison went to Dr. Mann for a diagnostic test performed on his genitals. Mann had performed Morrison’s vasectomy two months ago.

Mann performed a follow-up exam, but left Parsons to conduct the test by herself.

The test involved saturating Morrison’s testicles in a solution that contained three to five percent acetic acid, court documents state. Scarring would indicate the presence of the condition being tested for.

However, the RN applied a solution to Morrison’s scrotum that contained 72 percent acetic acid and was stored in a bottle labeled, “Do Not Use.” “In just seconds I knew something was wrong,” said Morrison.

“It was really burning. I’d never felt pain like that before and I knew it was bad. Then it just got worse.”

Morrison’s scrotum was badly burned. It kept him from working for 3 months, and it also caused him severe emotional distress. It left him unable to have sexual relations with his wife.

The Award

The three defendants had to pay a total of $70,000. William David Morrison received $50,000, while his wife received $20,000.

“This was a terribly negligent act on the part of all three. Most of the professionals at PAPP Clinic are very competent. But when you run the place like a food court at the mall, not everyone knows what’s going on,” said the Morrisons’ lawyer Millard C. Farmer Jr.

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