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Long Beach Woman Files Cancer Misdiagnosis Suit

A Long Island woman recently filed a lawsuit against a medical lab for misdiagnosing her as having cancer.

After learning that she had cancer the woman underwent a double mastectomy, only to find out four months later that she never had cancer.

Alleged Mix-Up Leads to Misdiagnosis

When Darrie Eason received her diagnosis of having invasive lobular carcinoma, all she could pray for is that she wouldn’t die; however, after enduring tremendous mental and physical anguish, she was told she never had cancer.

“I didn’t know what to believe,” said the single mother, “they told me I had cancer and now they’re telling me I didn’t. I didn’t know if the next day they were going to call me and say, ‘Sorry, we made a mistake, you really do have cancer.”

Eason decided to file a suit against CBLPath medical lab in New York after they claimed that their technician had “cut corners” while labeling tissue specimens and the mix-up led to her misdiagnosis.

The technician reportedly no longer works for the lab.

Who Can you Believe?

According to Jim Conway, who works at the Institute for Health Care Improvement, “mistakes of this magnitude are extremely rare.”

However, Eason’s attorney Steven E. Pegalis still questions the system.

“You kind of assume that if a lab diagnoses you as having cancer, you’ve got it,” says Pegalis. “How do you have faith and trust in systems that are supposed to be infallible?”

Victim Seeks Compensation

Eason says she has filed the suit to be compensated for the emotional and physical pain that she has been put through.

She claims that she has lost strength and flexibility in her upper body and can no longer perform daily tasks.

“I’d like for no woman of any age to have to deal with the pain and emotions that mistakes can cause,” says Eason. “ And I’d like to somehow change this-mistakes like this can’t happen.”

(Source: Newsday)

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