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Cedars-Sinai Fined for Overdoses

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center was recently fined $25,000 by the state of California for allegedly giving wrong doses to three different infants.

Included in those affected by the center’s mistake are Dennis Quaid’s newborn twins.

Hospital Mistake Proves Costly

The California Department of Public Health found that the hospital failed to follow policies and required for safe medication use.

As a result, several “preventable medication errors” occurred.

Dr. Michael L. Langberg, the hospital’s chief medical officer, the higher dosages of Heparin were stored wrong at the center.

The nurse on duty supposedly grabbed the wrong medicine and administered an increased dosage to the infants.

Langberg admitted that the overdoses were due to an error by the hospital staff and apologized on their half to the families involved.

Twins Given Overdose of Heparin

Actor Dennis Quaid’s 10-day-old twins were reportedly given an overdose of Heparin in November at the medical center.

According to hospital documents, the twins and another infant were all given 10,000 units per milliliter of the medication.

The normal dosage is 10 units.

Quaid and his wife filed a suit against Baxter-Healthcare, the manufacturer of the medication, claiming that they failed to make necessary changes to the drug’s labels to prevent confusion.

(Source: KNBC)

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