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Medical Mistakes Pose Risks to Children

Although mistakes in the medical treatment of adults are common, they also occur in the treatment of children, often with more serious consequences. The Joint Commission, an independent hospital accreditation agency, recently called on all U.S. hospitals to reduce medication errors in children — one of the most common types of medical errors in the treatment of pediatric patients.

Mistakes Are a Greater Danger to Children

Incorrect procedures, diagnosis mistakes, injuries and infections are other types of medical mistakes that children have suffered. These errors pose a greater danger to children than to adults in part because:

  • The body weight of children is low
  • The immune system, kidneys and liver of children are not fully developed
  • A tiny increase in a medication dose can make a huge difference
  • A child’s medical condition can deteriorate much more quickly than that of an adult with the same condition
  • Small children are not able to communicate effectively about their medical condition

Medication Errors Are More Common in Children

The patterns of medical mistakes differ between adults and children. For example, according to The Joint Commission, about 32 percent of the medication errors in children in the operating room involve the wrong dose, compared with 14 percent in adults. In a well-publicized incident in 2007, the twin infants of actor Dennis Quaid nearly died after receiving 1,000 times the intended dose of heparin.

(Source: The New York Times)

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