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Children Seek $45M in Medical Malpractice Suit

The three children of a mother who died while in the waiting room of a hospital have filed a lawsuit against Los Angeles County.

The lawsuit claims medical malpractice and wrongful death as being the cause of the woman’s death.

Lawsuit Details

According to reports, Edith Isabel Rodriguez lingered at the Martin Luther King Jr.-Harbor Hospital after being given pain medication.

Suddenly, Rodriguez dropped to the floor and went into convulsions as the hospital employees reportedly ignored her.

The suit claims “hospital personnel left Mrs. Rodriguez untreated, vomiting while writhing in pain on the floor of the medical facility’s ER waiting room for approximately 45 minutes, even as a janitor cleaned around her pain-riddled body.”

When Los Angeles County police reportedly discovered that Rodriguez had an outstanding warrant, they took her into custody.

The mother died of a perforated bowel as police loaded her from the wheelchair into a patrol car.

Children Take Action

Edmundo, Christina and Kimberly Rodriguez all filed the suit on behalf of their mother who they say was inhumanely treated by hospital employees and county police.

“She was a human being, and they treated her like an animal,” says Edmundo.

The children are seeking $45 million in the suit, each million representing every minute their mother suffered and was deprived of medical care before dying.

(Source: 23news)

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