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$22.6M Settlement Reached in Birth Injury Suit

A $22.6 million settlement was recently reached in the medical malpractice case involving a family from Cincinnati and the negligence of a medical group.

The family’s child was reportedly born with birth injuries and the doctor and Group Health Associates were found to have been negligent by the jury.

Birth Injuries Caused by Delivery

Doctors reportedly told Heather Grow that she had a narrow pelvic arch two weeks before the delivery.

However, this became a more serious issue when she began going into labor and her doctor, Dr. Lisa Yang, discovered the baby was also bigger than she anticipated.

“The child got stuck. It was clear that she was pushed through an opening that couldn’t fit,” says the attorney for Grow, Patrick P.J. Beirne.

Although, Dr. Yang and her colleagues insisted that Grow continue to have the baby without a Caesarean section.

She was reportedly in labor for 14 hours before Dr. Yang finally ordered a C-section, realizing the baby was stuck and enduring severe brain injuries.

Doctor and Medical Assistants Blamed

According to court documents, Dr. Lisa Yang and her colleagues continued to administer drugs to the plaintiff hoping her uterus would finally contract and the baby would be expelled.

However, these additional medications only resulted in the baby’s head getting stuck and she was born with brain damage.

Parents and Daughter Compensated

Cassie Grow, who is now 11-years-old, was born a spastic quadriplegic and has limited use of her limbs.

The settlement money awarded to the family will reportedly go towards future medical bills and help compensate for their pain and suffering and Cassie’s future loss of ability to perform usual activities.

(Source: Enquirer)

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