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More Deaths Reported in Prisons

According to a study that was recently released, one in six deaths that occurred in prison inmates in California this past year may have been preventable.

The study claims that medical care in 32 state lockups will be used to help rebuild the medical care system in these prisons.

Prison Deaths on the Rise

Reports show that prison deaths have consistently been on the rise in the past year.

One inmate reported extreme chest pains in the middle of the night and was reported dead, while waiting to see a doctor, the next morning due to a heart ailment.

Another died of acute pancreatitis when the doctor didn’t believe his pleas for help.

In 2006 alone, 426 deaths were reported, including 43 suicides.

According to the report, the deaths have been caused by poor inmate access to medical care, failure of medical staff to treat harmful conditions and cases of misdiagnosis due to doctor negligence.

Study Examines Deaths

A study that examined the deaths of the inmates found that 18 deaths were found to be preventable had there been better medical care and management.

48 of the deaths were also found to be “possibly preventable” and a good portion of the deaths were caused by asthma according to the study.

“The leading cause of preventable death being asthma is unconscionable, and it is evidence of systemic problems and problems with individual clinical judgments,” stated receiver Robert Sillen. “Adults in 21st century California should not have asthma as a primary cause of death.”

(Source: Los Angeles Times)

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