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Study Finds Detection of Breast Cancer Varies

According to reports, doctors reading mammograms misdiagnos breast cancer an average of 2 in every 10 cases.

Doctors misreading mammograms and therefore giving a wrong diagnosises are more common than most know and can even happen to women who have lumps and are showing symptoms.

Women Being Misdiagnosed

Researchers have reportedly found a variation in radiologists’ ability to detect breast cancer through X-rays.

In 7 out of 10 cases, the diagnoses were off, which proves the detection of cancer is strongly based upon who is reading the X-rays.

“Women think mammography is perfect, so if they get a negative mammogram, they think they’re safe for at least the next year,” explains Diana Miglioretti, the lead author of the study. “The reality is, they shouldn’t be falsely reassured by a negative mammogram.”

Study Conducted

Miglioretti and her fellow researchers studied the performance of 123 radiologists who were asked to interpret 36,000 diagnostic mammograms.

The researchers discovered that the ability to detect the cancer ranged from 27 percent to 100 percent, with a median of 79 percent.

Research found that the radiologists who were the most accurate tended to be those who were working from academic medical centers.

“You can have cancer and still have a normal mammogram,” explains Dr. Leonard Berlin, the chief of radiology at Rush North Shore Medical Center.

(Source: Chicago Tribune)

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