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Doctor Charged With Negligence

A Mercer County doctor was recently charged with involuntary manslaughter and negligence.

He allegedly used a controversial chemical therapy to treat a boy’s autism, which eventually led to the boy’s unexpected death.

Boy Wrongfully Treated for Autism

Abubakar Tariq Nadama, 5, suffered from a fatal heart attack after he was given chelation therapy by Dr. Roy Kerry at the Advanced Integrative Medicine.

Officials claim the boy’s death was due to “gross negligence” on the doctor’s part.

Although the FDA approved chelation therapy for treating acute heavy metal poisoning, the treatment has not been approved for use on those with autism.

During the treatment, chemical compounds are injected into the body and they latch onto metals in the body that carries them through the urine and feces.

Doctor Accused

According to reports, Dr. Kerry prescribed an IV push, which administered all of the medication at once as opposed to injecting the chemicals over several hours.

“They realize that nothing is going to bring back their son, but they are hopeful that the actions being taken against Dr. Kerry will prevent something like this from happening in the future,” says John Gismondi, attorney for the Nadama family.

The Dallas-based companies that supplied the chelation drugs were also named in the suit.

Dr. Kerry faces fines of up to $10,000 for each violation and a revocation of his medical license if the Board of Medicine finds him guilty.

(Source: Pittsburgh Tribune)

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