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Family Awarded $23M for Doctor Error

One of the largest settlements in a medical malpractice case was reached last week in Pittsburg, PA.

The family of a boy born as a quadriplegic with cerebral palsy was awarded $23 million, setting a record for Allegheny County.

Suit Claims Doctor Error

Pamela Jordan claims that when she arrived to West Penn hospital to give birth to her son, Grady, there were already complications; however, the doctor’s and nurses failed to recognize the problems until it was too late.

The suit says that heart rate abnormalities were shown on the fetal heart rate monitor from the time Jordan entered the hospital.

Despite the heart issues, the doctor supposedly allowed Jordan to continue going into labor for eight hours.  

The baby was delivered by Cesarean section with no heart rate and there was no specialist in the delivery room to revive Grady.

Reportedly, after over 10 minutes, a neonatologist finally arrived to get his heart pumping and medicate him.

A Life Altering Lapse in Judgment

Grady now has cerebral palsy and will never be able to walk or live on his own and the lawsuit claims that the Jordan’s loss is the fault of the doctor.

The state Welfare Department is asking for $168,000 of the settlement money to cover medical bills and $7.8 will go to the family’s lawyers which will leave the Jordan family with $15 million.

(Source: The Pittsburgh Channel)

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