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Man Awarded $11 Million in Medical Malpractice Case

A Santa Ana jury recently awarded $11.7 million to a 45-year-old man who reportedly suffered a stroke due to doctor negligence.

The doctor’s at Mission Viejo hospital allegedly didn’t treat an infection that eventually spread to the man’s brain in 2004.

What Went Wrong?

Joey Crumes, who was a worker at the San Onofre power plant as a health technician, went to the Mission Viejo hospital because of a severe headache.

Five days later he suffered from a stroke that left him paralyzed on the left side of his body and bed ridden.

When Crumes had gone to the emergency room he informed the doctors that in 1993 he had undergone surgery for cancer that was spreading in his sinus area.

During the surgery, the doctors were forced to remove a portion of his sinus cavity.

Although doctors at Mission Viejo requested a CT scan to be done after being told this, the scan was never done and Crumes was sent home with painkillers.

A few days after his return home, Crumes went into a coma and doctors discovered the infection had rapidly spread to his brain.

Crumes was then forced to spend 11 months in the hospital following his coma.

The Suit

The lawsuit, filed against radiologist Charles Aucreman and the ER physician Andrew Lawson, found that both doctors were to blame because of their negligence.

According to Crumes’ attorney Daniel Spradlin, if his client has been treated properly when at the hospital he would have never had to endure the stroke or the coma.

One of the physicians that treated Crumes during his coma told the jury that he was basically sent home with a ticking time bomb in his head.


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