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Mistakes Lead to Break in Doctor-Patient Bond

A recent report claims that serious doctor errors not only affect a patient’s health, but they can also destroy the relationship with his or her doctor.

The article regarding the amount of shame and fear that a health care mistake can cause in both a patient and doctor is featured in the October issue of New England Journal of Medicine.

The Importance of Trust

A medical mistake is something that can quickly move the patient and doctor from the waiting room into the courtroom.

“Trust is an enormously important part of medicine, if people aren’t straight with you, you do not trust them,” says Dr. Tom DelBanco, a professor of general medicine at Harvard Medical School.

“So, being upfront and honest, indicating that you want to do something about what happened, makes all the difference in the world,” DelBanco explains.

Avoiding Further Problems

Research has shown that doctors who admit their mistakes to patients initially can avoid litigation in the future.

Honest doctors are also more likely to maintain long-lasting bonds with the patient and the patient’s family.

Patients who were interviewed for the article were reported as agreeing that they don’t expect doctors to be perfect, they just want them to be honest when something goes wrong.

(Source: Forbes)

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