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Two Doctors Sued for Negligence

A suit has been filed against two doctors and the state Department of Social and Heath Services (DSHS) by attorneys who believe these parties are to blame for a child’s death.

The suit involves a foster mother who was reportedly abusing her children and depriving them of food and drink, which eventually resulted in one of them dying.

Abusive Mother

According to reports, Tyler DeLeon suffered from a fractured femur, had bruises all over his body, his teeth knocked out and bite marks on his arm when he was found dead.

The 7-year-old boy, who weighed only 28 pounds, died from thirst and starvation.

The lawsuit claims that the two doctors who cared for Tyler and the DSHS should have known that the boy, along with the seven other adopted children under Carole DeLeon’s care, were being abused.

Doctor’s Accused of Ignoring Abuse

The two doctor’s named in the suit are pediatrician David Fregeau and the boy’s psychiatrist, Sandra Brenmer-Dexter.

The complaint claims that the two doctors were aware of Tyler’s injuries and his decreasing weight and inability to grow, but did nothing about it.

“This is a set of facts where these guys closed their eyes to abuse,” states Timothy Tesh, a lawyer for the children.

State laws require that all doctors, counselors and teachers report any suspected abuse to authorities and both doctors named in the suit failed to do so.

Before his death, Tyler’s weight had dropped from the 50th percentile to below the fifth and Fregeau, who was allegedly aware of his injuries as his physician, didn’t report his alarming drop in weight or bruises.

Bremmer-Dexter, who was treating Tyler for behavioral problems, one being the fact that he screamed when he was thirsty, reportedly wrote a letter to the boy’s teachers telling them to ignore him when he would act out for attention this way.

(Source: The Seattle Times)

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