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Suit Filed Against Enloe Medical Center

A suit was recently filed against two doctors who were previously employed as temporary anesthesiologists at Enloe Medical Center in Chico, CA.

The doctors have been named as defendants for the deaths of three patients who were under their care when anesthesiology errors occured.

The suit also names Enloe, MedCorp, the company that provided the anesthesiology and other physicians as being responsible for the deaths of the patients.

Suit Claims

Charles Hodsdon, 42, was reportedly admitted to Enloe Medical Center with a bleeding spleen in 2006.

Dr. Jan Rosnow allegedly gave Hodsdon an aesthetic that is dangerous for patients who have experienced spinal cord injuries.

The medication given to Hodsdon reportedly made his heart stop for more than an hour and caused his sudden death.

After Henry Evers, 75, had surgery at Enloe to remove a brain tumor and died, Dr. George Chalhoub was accused of not being competent and failing to properly monitor Evers.

Randall Perrucci, 44, was reportedly admitted to Enloe to have shoulder surgery and Dr. Chalhoub accidently injected a lethal anesthetic into his bloodstream causing him to die from a lack of oxygen to the brain.

Families of Patients Seek Compensation

The suit, which was filed by the relatives of the patients, claims that the anesthesiologists should have been better qualified and should have known better.

It also says that the defendants had been warned by other physicians and posed a threat to the community.


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