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Doctors Fail to Recognize Fatal Allergy

The parents of 12-year-old boy who tragically died during an operation to repair a laceration have been awarded $7.5 million by a jury in Lake County, Illinois.  Andrew Muno was taken to Condell Medical Center by his mother on December 14th, 1999, where he was treated by surgeon Andrew Kontrick and anesthesiologist Dale Gordon for a cut.  Andrew Muno died shortly after his surgery while still on the operating table.  

The Munos stated in their lawsuit that both doctors were negligent in their treatment of Andrew, failing to recognize the child’s apparent allergy to an administered medication and furthermore giving him anesthesia, despite his obvious breathing difficulties.  

“We believe that both Dr. Kontrick and Dr. Gordon failed to recognize the child’s developing respiratory distress and failed to treat it,” commented attorney Michael Schostok, who represented the Muno family in the case.  He further added that he believed that the death of Andrew Muno was the most significant wrongful death case to occur in the area.  

Andrew’s mother, Darlene Muno commented that the verdict could not begin to reconcile the death of her son but, “definitely does finally bring some closure to it”.  

Attorneys representing Dr. Kontrick and Dr. Gordon maintain that the tragic death of Andrew Muno was not due to negligent treatment.  

“It was a very tragic and emotional case and I think those factors did affect the verdict,” attorney Richard Clark commented on behalf of Dr. Kontrick.  

Gordon’s attorney, Rodney VanAusdal added, “I firmly believe that this child did not die because of anything Dr. Gordon did wrong, and to the contrary, he died in spite of everything Dr. Gordon did to save him.”  

Condell Medical Center and Kontrick agreed to settlements with the family, prior to the verdict.  

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