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Doctor Mistakes Revealed in Treating Heart Disease

Two major studies released Nov. 9 indicate that neither vitamins E or C, nor aspirin have the cardiac benefits that were once widely touted. All three agents have been widely prescribed for years to prevent adverse cardiovascular events. Thus, patients who were prescribed vitamin E or C or aspirin as a preventative treatment may be eligible to file a medical malpractice lawsuit

Harvard Study of Vitamins E and C for the Heart

Both studies are going to be published in the next issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association. The study of vitamins E and C was conducted by researchers at Harvard University. More than 14,600 males over 49 years old were the study subjects; they were randomly assigned to one of two groups: 

1. receiving 500 milligrams of vitamin C every day and 400 IU of vitamin E every other day 

2. a placebo at the same intervals 

Ninety-five percent of the subjects didn't have any history of cardiovascular disease. After an average follow-up of the men at eight years, the data indicated that neither vitamin C nor vitamin E had any significant effect on the rate of major cardiovascular events or death among both the subjects with and without a history of heart disease. 

Study of Cardiovascular Effects of Aspirin

In the other study, researchers at Kumamoto University in Japan examined 2,500 patients with Type 2 diabetes. The patients received either low-dose aspirin (81–100 mg a day) or a placebo. The aspirin group showed only a slight, non-statistically significant reduction in the risk of coronary events. 

The two studies' results were also presented Nov. 9 at the annual meeting of the American Heart Association. 

(Source: Health Us News) 

If You've Been Prescribed Aspirin or Vitamins for Your Heart

If you have a family history of heart disease and you were prescribed aspirin, vitamin E or vitamin C to help prevent heart problems, these findings may be relevant to your condition. Talk to a medical malpractice attorney in your area if you feel that you have received substandard medical treatment or if you have contracted an illness as a result of a prescription error.

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