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LV Hospital's Infection Control Problem Discovered

An October report released by Nevada state health inspectors describes a significant number of inadequacies and violations regarding infection risks at Mountain View Hospital in Las Vegas. The situation was found to be bad enough that the inspectors indicated Mountain View could lose its eligibility for Medicare and Medicaid funding.

Lengthy Report of Many Health Violations
Mountain View has been providing medical care in northwest Las Vegas since 1996. The state's inspection, conducted by the Nevada Health Division’s Bureau of Licensure and Certification in late July 2008, resulted in a 32-page report that found alarming shortcomings such as:

  • The lack of a system to track whether any patients had picked up an infection after undergoing cardiac catheterization or outpatient endoscopy
  • Leaking intravenous fluids bags
  • Failure to dispose of used intravenous fluid bags
  • A physician assistant contaminating equipment with bloody gloves
  • A phlebotomist contaminating a keyboard by typing on it after drawing blood from a patient

Recent Outbreak of Hepatitis C
The lack of infection controls is of particular concern in light of the recent outbreak of hepatitis C in Southern Nevada; the largest that has ever occurred in the U.S. Part of the outbreak was traced to an endoscopy center where nurses were re-using single-use syringes and vials of anesthetics.

Thousands of Infection-Caused Deaths Each Year
It's estimated that approximately 1.7 million patients acquire an infection during a hospital stay in the U.S. each year, and that nearly 100,000 deaths due to these infections occur yearly, according to a study published in Public Health Reports.
A significant portion of hospital-acquired infections are resistant to drugs and very difficult to treat, in addition to being highly contagious.

(Source: Las Vegas Sun)

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