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Illinois Family Awarded $9 M for Doctor Errors

Last month the family of a boy from Illinois who lost his life during a relatively simple surgery at Condell Medical Center was awarded $9 million in a wrongful death lawsuit as the result of doctor errors and medical malpractice.

Doctor Errors Led to Boy’s Death

It was in the winter of 1999 that the Muno family’s, then 12-year-old, son Andrew arrived at the Condell emergency room after sustaining a severe cut on his arm in a fall at home.  Doctors determined that his cut would require surgery.

The Muno’s suit asserted that the following events led to Andrew’s death:

• Before the surgery commenced, Andrew began having breathing difficulties due to an allergic reaction to antibiotics he had been given.
• Despite this, the surgeon, Dr. Andrew Kontrick, chose to proceed with the surgery.
• The boy’s breathing difficulty persisted and worsened, resulting in his death during the operation.

Family Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit

After Andrew’s tragic passing, the Muno family filed a wrongful death lawsuit as the result of medical malpractice.  The suit listed the defendants as:

• Condell Medical Center
• Dr. Kontrick
• County anesthesiologists

Appeals Process Lasts for Almost a Decade

The hospital and surgeon settled with the Muno family but the county anesthesiologists appealed the verdict.  The appeal turned into a drawn out legal struggle that lasted almost a decade before the family was finally awarded compensation for the death of Andrew.

"After nine years of waiting for justice to be rendered for the death of their son, the Muno family is relieved to finally have closure of this horrible chapter of their lives," said attorney Michael Schostok of Salvi, Schostok and Pritchard P.C.

Compensation Received for Medical Malpractice

The jury’s original verdict entitled the Muno’s to $7.5 million in compensation, but interest accumulated during the lengthy appeals process bumped the amount received to $9 million.

(Source: Lake County News-Sun)

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