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IL Widow Files Suit for Nursing Home Negligence

A woman has filed a lawsuit against an East Moline nursing home for the death of her husband. Mary Mead filed the lawsuit on behalf of her diseased husband, Charles Mead, claiming his death is a direct result of nursing home negligence.

According to the lawsuit, Charles died from dehydration in May 2007. Mary noted that medical professionals told her it was one of the worst cases of dehydration they had ever seen. 

Lawsuit Alleges Staff Ignored Orders

Charles moved into the nursing facility, May 14, 2007 following a medical procedure at Trinity Medical Center. According to the suit, Charles was red-flagged as a patient with high risk of dehydration, and was supposed to be under careful supervision by the nursing home staff.  

Mary claims that she went to visit Charles on May 21, and found him “lethargic, unresponsive and unable to hold his head up.” Mary had a staff member call for an ambulance which took him to the ER. Charles died 36 hours later. 

Nursing Home Negligence

Legal reports indicate the nursing home staff was negligent in caring for Charles. The lawsuit claims the facility: 

  • Failed to document the amount of food and liquid given to Charles 
  • Failed to follow the requirements of his health plan 

The lawsuit alleges Charles’ dehydration happened over the course of a few days. 

Not the First Wrongful Death Lawsuit

According to official records, this is not the first time the nursing home has been accused of negligence. The same nursing home facility was sued by the family of former resident, Olive Fletcher. According to reports, Fletcher fell three times while living at the facility.  

During treatment for her last fall, the doctors reported that she was suffering from dehydration. Fletcher died in October 2007. 

(Source: Quad-City Times) 

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