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Inmate Sues Over Cancer Misdiagnosis

A former inmate at the Los Angeles County jail has filed a $2 million lawsuit claiming that the prison misdiagnosed her breast cancer.

The suit states that the “improper and untimely care” that the inmate received while at the prison caused her breast cancer to spread to her liver.

Suit Filed by Former Prisoner

According to the suit filed by former inmate Michelle D. Scharpon, who was incarcerated at the Twin Towers jail, she felt a pain in her right breast in 2004 and asked to be examined.

The county doctor reportedly concluded that she had breast cancer, but this information was never directly given to Scharpon.

When Sharpon was transferred to Valley State Prison for Women, a sheriff’s deputy told her that the mammogram results would be sent there; however, the results were sent to her mother.

The results reportedly had turned up abnormal and Scharpon repeatedly went in for more mammograms but the VSPW officials told her they were normal.

Cancer Misdiagnosis

After Scharpon’s mother eventually told her about the results of the tests, Sharpon discovered that the first examination in 2004 showed the mass and since then, it had grown in size.

As a result, Scharpon’s right breast was removed.

A month after, doctors informed her that she was now suffering from liver cancer, an illness Scharpon believes is due to her original cancer misdiagnosis.

(Source: cbs2)

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