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IV Error May Cost Infant His Arm

The family of a two-month-old boy took their son to Riley Hospital in Indianapolis to repair a hernia and got much more than they bargained for.

Before having surgery, a needle was reportedly inserted into the boy’s arm so he could receive a solution intravenously.

However, the needle went unchecked by the hospital staff for far too long and now the boy’s arm remains in limbo.

Infant Injured by Needle

Anthony Correa was admitted to the hospital for surgery and still remains there due to the IV error that lies at the fault of the hospital’s staff.

The needle reportedly went unchecked for up to four hours and at some point during this time left his vein but remained in his arm, which in turn, flooded his arm with solution.

The staff is now concerned that the boy could lose his arm due to the error and his family is considering taking legal action.

“They touch his arm and he’s in pain,” explains Norma Correa, the boy’s aunt.

Staff Admits to Negligence

The staff at Riley has admitted to negligence in that they should have checked the needle sooner and claims that all employees will be re-educated on protocol for intravenous treatment.

“Infiltration of an IV is a known and not unexpected complication of IV therapy, but unfortunately the infiltration on this patient was not assessed and treated as quickly as we would have expected,” the hospital said in a statement. “We immediately accepted responsibility for this incident.”

(Source: The Indy News 6)

Do you know someone who has been the victim of an IV error? If so, please contact an attorney who can evaluate your case and ensure that you and your loved ones are compensated.

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