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$20M Awarded to Family in Botched Liposuction Suit

The family of a teenager whose life was taken after she received liposuction surgery was recently awarded $20 million in their medical malpractice suit.

The cosmetic surgery error that led to the girl’s untimely death happened seven years ago and now her family has finally seen justice served.

Liposuction Surgery Goes Wrong

Amy Fledderman was a student at Penn State University and on the honor roll when she chose to have liposuction.

She reportedly went to see plastic surgeon, Dr. Glunk, at his office in King of Prussia, PA, to have the surgery on her legs, stomach, and under her chin.

“He told her that she would be as safe in his office as she would in any hospital,” says Slade McLaughlin, the attorney for the Fledderman family.

During the surgery, Glunk allegedly hit a blood vessel but waited two and a half hours before calling an ambulance.

Fledderman is reported to have died of a fat embolism two days after the surgery.

Suit Filed by Family

According to reports, Glunk’s surgical center was not licensed by the state to perform liposuction surgery.

Glunk was named as the primary defendant in the suit and was charged with negligence.

“It’s just a really hard day,” said mother, Colleen Fledderman after the verdict was announced. “At the end of this, we go home without Amy. That’s all we really wanted was to have her back.”


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