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Lawsuits Filed for 13 Surgery Errors

Several patients and their families have reportedly filed lawsuits against a doctor in Maryland who they claim needlessly performed surgeries on them.

The suits are being filed against Dr. John McLean, a cardiologist, who they claim performed unnecessary cardiac catheterization and stent replacement surgeries on them over the past five years.

Surgery Victims Find Common Ground

The suits are being filed by 13 patients along with their family members, who all claim they became victims of McLean’s negligence.

Also named as defendants in the suits are, Peninsula Regional Medical Center and Peninsul Regional Health System Inc.

The plaintiffs are seeking compensation in excess of $30,000 each.

Doctor’s Mistakes Could Prove Costly

"Dr. McLean dramatically overstated findings from cardiac stress tests and diagnostic imaging and, based upon these findings, convinced people to undergo heart surgeries they did not need,” explains E. Dale Adkins III one of four attorneys representing the plaintiffs.

Court papers claim McLean conducted 25 unnecessary heart stent procedures when other methods to treat blood clots would have been more affective.

"Dr. McLean had misread and misinterpreted his or her imaging studies and other diagnostic data," the lawsuit alleges the hospital said.

Since the suits were filed, McLean has retired and some believe his early retirement after 20 years in the medical field is due to the surgery controversy.


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