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Jury to Decide Fate of Doctors

A Minnesota jury is currently deciding the fate of Mayo Clinic doctors who have been accused of negligence in the care of an infant.

The infant reportedly ended up with severe and permanent brain damage after being under their care.

Parents of Child File Suit

Nancy and Michael Becker initiated the suit, which began in 2001, regarding their adopted infant Nykkole Rossini.

According to reports, Nykkole had already suffered from brain damage due to her biological father’s abuse and was being treated by the doctors.

The parents say that as a result of being in their care, Nykkole will not function beyond the level of an infant.

She is also supposedly unable to walk, talk and has to be fed through a feeding tube.

Doctors Fail to Recognize Signs of Abuse

The suit filed by the Becker’s claims that the staff at the Mayo Clinic failed to recognize the obvious signs of abuse when Nykkole was admitted to the hospital with multiple skull fractures.

The suit is seeking at least $20 million in damages for the child’s disabilities, which her parents blame on the negligence of the doctors.

(Source: Post-Bulletin)

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