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Woman Sues over Missed Cancer Diagnosis

A woman suffered from a cancer misdiagnosis for 3 years has filed a lawsuit against the hospital, the lab that performed her pap tests and her physician.

Diane Sadovnikov, 48, is now battling cancer and arranging for the adoption of her two daughters aged six and nine.

“Basically it is just something that is stated in my will,” said Sadovnikov of the adoption plans. “It will only be if I die, and I am hoping that I have five or 10 years.

“But that is unrealistic, statistically,” she added.

The Missed Diagnosis

Sadovnikov had a pap test in early 2003, which showed cancer cells. Two more tests – one in 2004 and another in 2005 – also both showed she had cancer.

But according to the lawsuit, the first two pap test results were not properly evaluated by the Laboratory Corporation of America, which was the lab employed by her physicians, First Colonial Family Practice Center.

When LabCorp finally accurately assessed the cancer in 2005, the lawsuit says, Sadovnikov was not notified of the results by her physician, Dr. Mary C. Picardi, until nine months after the results came back. During those nine months, the test results sat in her medical file.

“I find it unbelievable that so many things could have happened to one person,” said Sadovnikov. “What are the odds?”

The suit seeks $50 million in damages from Picardi, LabCorp, and First Colonial Family Practice.

Because of her cancer and the complications, Sadovnikov has lost 20 pounds and can no longer care for her children or work.

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