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Missouri Man Wins Medical Malpractice Suit

A man from Seneca, Missouri was recently awarded $550,000 for damages that were a result of medical negligence on the part of Freeman Health System and two of its doctors.

Fall Resulted in a Rib Fracture and Internal Bleeding

John R. Brooks, 54, suffered a slip-and-fall injury while performing his job as a sanitizer at Milnot Co.’s condensed-milk product plant.  When Brooks fell he sustained a rib fracture that led to internal bleeding in his chest cavity.  It turns out that the bleeding would go unnoticed by doctors and last for another several days.

Doctor’s Failed to Diagnose Injuries

After the fall Brooks was taken to the emergency room at Freeman OccuMed.  Brook’s attorney, Roger Johnson, pointed out that during this hospital visit:

  • The doctor failed to diagnose the rib fracture
  • This failed diagnosis occurred because the doctor did not order a computerized tomography scan
  • Because of the failed diagnosis Brooks was sent back to work with no medical restrictions.

Second Visit to Hospital led to Misdiagnosis

Brooks returned to work but after a couple of days of continued internal bleeding he began to experience severe breathing difficulty.  Brooks made a second visit to the hospital, this time at Freeman Neosho Hospital.  Johnson pointed out that during this second visit:

  • The doctor treating Brooks once again failed to diagnose his rib injury and internal bleeding
  • The doctor incorrectly attributed “cardiac origins” as the cause Brooks’ breathing difficulty.

Negligence led to Permanent Injuries

The plaintiff’s lawsuit claims that the negligence of the doctors who treated Brooks was the reason for their failure to properly and effectively investigate the cause of pain in his chest and as a consequence:

  • Brooks suffered unnecessary pain
  • Received permanent injuries to his lungs
  • Continues to have shortness of breath which has limited his physical capabilities and in turn resulted in a job demotion.

Jury Sides With Plaintiff’s Medical Malpractice Claims

The jury concluded at the end of a four-day trial that John R. Brooks should receive:

  • $250,000 in past non-economic damages
  • $25,000 in future economic damages
  • $275,000 in future non-economic damages for the alleged medical negligence of Dr. Marzetta Parks of Freeman OccuMed in Neosho and Dr. Jason Blasenak of Freeman Neosho Hospital.

(Source: The Joplin Globe)

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