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New York Faces Medical Malpractice Problems

Government groups warned New York state officials that the rights of patients shouldn’t be neglected as the state tries to find logical solutions for the growing medical-malpractice crisis.

The groups claim that the government is to blame for the failure to situate the costs and properly discipline poor-performing doctors in state’s health system.

"If the state cleans up its act, the problems that the insurance companies and doctors bemoan will disappear," explains Joan Claybrook, the president of the Public Citizen, government group based in Washington D.C.

Report Exposes State Financial Problems

The New York Public Interest Research Group recently released a report claiming that the rise in insurance costs has nothing to do with increased litigation.

The report allegedly found that the real issue lies with a $700 million fund that the state drained, which was supposed to be set aside to pay insurance for high-risk doctors.

Family Files Medmal Suit

The family of Kevin Deane who worked as a firefighter in Yonkers, filed a suit against Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan claiming they were negligent and blaming the facility for his sudden death.

Deane was admitted to the hospital after being in a skiing accident and died from internal bleeding that had leaked into his lungs.
According to the state Health Department, Dean was not examined or properly attended to in his last two days at the hospital, which is required by the state law.

"The problem is not the insurance companies ripping off people or bad doctors with the Wild West going on," explains Medical Society lobbyist Gerald Conway. "The problem is with the civil-justice system, which every study shows does not work."

(Source: Star Gazette)

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