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$9M Settlement Reached in Suit Against Cancer Surgeon

A settlement was recently reached in Niagara County regarding the medical malpractice suit filed against a breast cancer surgeon.

The surgeon, who has reportedly spent decades working in various hospitals, was sued by a former patient and is now facing $9 million in damages.

Patient’s Family Files Cancer Misdiagnosis Suit

Suzanne E. Crane’s life was cut short in 2004 when she died due to the spreading of breast cancer, which supposedly spread into 16 of her lymph nodes.

Crane became a patient of Dr. Nancy J. Stubbe, a physician from Amherst, in 2002.

According to court documents, Stubbe failed to diagnose Crane with breast cancer and it wasn’t until Crane went for a second opinion in 2003 that she discovered she was sick.

“Stubbe never performed a biopsy, even after a lump was found in Crane’s breast,” stated the attorney for the family of the victim, John B. Licata.

Family Takes Action After Loss of Loved One

When Crane was finally diagnosed she was seven months pregnant so couldn’t receive treatment right away.

“These simple mistakes can often be deadly mistakes for the patient,” says Licata.

The Crane family filed a suit against Stubbe for the cancer misdiagnosis and her negligence claiming she was responsible for Crane’s progressing illness and death.

(Source: Insurance News Net)

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