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Woman Files Suit Against Nursing Home

A woman who went to a North Carolina nursing home to recover from a hip replacement surgery is suing the home claiming that as a result of negligence, she sustained three severely disabling injuries during her stay.

Estamae Johnson said her doctor told her to stay at Carol Woods nursing home for one week to recover from a hip surgery. But instead, according to the suit, she can no longer perform her daily functions, and suffers debilitating pain.

“The cruel acts by the nurses, physical therapists and other employees at Carol Woods have caused irreparable damage to the plaintiff and profoundly altered the course of her life,” the suit claims.

Johnson is suing Carol Woods and its staff citing negligence and medical malpractice. Johnson seeks compensation “in excess of $10,000,” though that phrase is used to describe damages significantly higher than $10,000 in the North Carolina Superior Court. Johnson also seeks punitive damages, claiming Carol Woods and its staff acted wantonly and willfully.

On April 13, Johnson went to the Carol Woods nursing home under her doctor’s recommendation. Her doctor told her she should be helped moving between the bathroom and bed.

During her third day there, Johnson went to the bathroom alone, fell, and hurt her elbow according to the suit. She went to the UNC hospital emergency room, where doctors treated her for a rotator cuff injury before she returned to Carol Woods.

Johnson claims that the next day when she rang the call bell to get help going to the bathroom, the nursing assistant pulled on her underwear hard enough to make her lose her balance and fall. She hit her head, and suffered a serious injury on her leg.

“Incredibly, the nursing assistant immediately left the room, leaving the plaintiff on the cold, hard bathroom floor screaming in agony,” according to the suit.

The fall caused her hip to come out of its socket once more. She went into surgery to correct it after doctors failed several times to push the bone back into the correct position, according to the suit.

Johnson went back to Carol Woods after two days. The doctors had given her a brace to wear for six weeks, during which she would not be allowed to shower or bathe, according to the suit.

After the 6th week, a Carol Woods physical therapist “began to push on her hip three times extremely roughly and with significant force.” Johnson “screamed three times for her to stop and then she felt her hip being ripped out of its socket,” the suit said.

She was once again transported to the ER, where she underwent another surgery to repair her dislocated hip.

“The plaintiff is understandably distraught over the fact that she had a successful hip replacement surgery and was expected to completely recover. However, she has turned out to be disabled and in pain for the rest of her life,” the suit said.

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