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Hospital Painkiller Overdose Paralyzes New Mother

A doctor at a hospital that has recently come under scrutiny for the death of three newborn babies has administered a dose of painkiller 10 times larger than the patient should have received, resulting in the new mother’s partial paralysis.

Methodist Hospital, in Indianapolis, Indiana was also sued in September for the deaths of three premature babies who were given lethal blood thinner doses.

The pregnant Amber Baise, 18, entered Methodist Hospital to give birth on Sunday. The doctor who administered her epidural made a mistake in programming the machine that pumps painkiller into the woman during labor.

As a result, Baise received a dose of painkiller over the course of one hour that was intended to be administered over 10 hours, according to Methodist officials.

Baise gave birth to a healthy girl, but as a result of the mistake, is so far unable to move her legs.

“To the best of our knowledge, we believe that human error entered into the equation,” Bill Stephan, senior vice president for corporate communications of Clarian Health Partners, who runs Methodist hospital said.

The name of the offending doctor has not yet been released.

Stephan said that the new mother is showing improvement, but Amber Baise’s mother, Diana Baise said, “The only thing she can move is her toes. There’s been no improvement. … I miss my daughter; I want my daughter home.”

Stephan said it is not know what will result from this injury in the long-term. Doctors hope she will eventually fully recover.

“I would like for anyone out there that can pray for my daughter, that would be great,” Deanna Baise pleaded.

Stephan said that the physician who made the mistake has a good record and decades of experience.

However, “There are certain mistakes that you can’t make, that you shouldn’t make regardless of your education, regardless of your training, and this is the kind of mistake that you shouldn’t make,” Nathaniel Lee, Baise’s attorney said. “One anesthesiologist said even your kid could operate this machine.

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