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Concerns Raised Over Prison Doctors in Wisconsin

Many of the physicians at the Wisconsin Department of Corrections have been disciplined by the state for various doctor errors.

A recent review showed that of the 23 doctors employed at the corrections facility, four had been repeatedly disciplined by the state Medical Examining Board before they were hired at the prison.

Doctor Error Cases

Among those disciplined by the state is Thomas Williams, who oversees medical care at the prison’s infirmary.

According to documents, Williams was reprimanded by the state in 1979 for the inadequate care of two patients.

One of his patients died due to Williams prescribing him a medicine that was increased his blood pressure.

Williams misdiagnosed the other patient and also gave him the wrong medication causing him to suffer from additional complications.

Another employee at the prison, Dr. Scott Hoftiezer, was found to have drug charges on his record and was accused of writing false prescriptions, forging signatures and stealing.

Dr. Vijaya Dasgupta, an anesthesiologist, was also found to have checks against her for the time when she failed to keep a boy breathing when she was working, causing his severe brain damage.

She also failed to diagnose a man with lung cancer.

Several other employees also have strikes against them on their records.

A Prison on Watch

Although the medical director at the prison, David Burnett, claims the past medical records of those they hire are considered in the hiring process, state officials are watching the facility closely.

(Source: The Capital Times)

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