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Rhode Island Hospital Surgical Errors

The Rhode Island Department of Health issued a warning to the Rhode Island Hospital earlier this week and fined it $50,000.

The hospital is being questioned for its third surgical error this year.

Brain Surgery Goes Wrong

The latest hospital mistake occurred to an 82 year-old patient who was being treated in the neurosurgical intensive care unit.

When a resident in training began performing brain surgery, they reportedly drilled a hole into the wrong side of the head.

The internal bleeding was occurring on the left side of the patient’s brain and the hole was drilled into the right side.

Upon realizing the mistake that had been made, the resident supposedly closed the initial incision and continued the procedure on the left side of the patient’s head.

Not the First Hospital Mistake

According to reports, this incident is the hospitals fourth wrong-site surgery in six years, all of which have involved brain operations.

In July, the same thing reportedly happened when a surgeon performed an operation on the wrong side of the patient’s brain.

At this time, the health department ordered the hospital to hire someone to review their policies and procedures.

The agency also asked the hospital to have a second physician review the proper site for surgery before procedures begin.

“We are extremely concerned about this continuing pattern,” explains Dr. David R. Gifford, director of the Department of Health. “We have not seen an adequate response in the hospital’s system and protocols since the last order was issued.”

(Source: The Boston Globe)

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