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Suit Filed Against Psychiatrist

The estate of a four-year-old girl who died from an alleged overdose of psychiatric drugs has filed a suit against the doctor who was caring for her.

The doctor named in the medical malpractice suit is Dr. Kayoko Kifuji from Tufts Medical Center.

Suit Claims Child Misdiagnosed

According to Andrew Meyer, Jr., the attorney representing the sibling’s of Rebecca Riley, the child was misdiagnosed by Dr. Kifuji as having bipolar disorder and attention deficit disorder.

Rebecca was reportedly two-years-old at the time of her diagnosis.

Medications Lead to Overdose

Reports claim that Rebecca died from an overdose of Clonidine Depakote Seroquel, as well as from several other over-the-counter medications that were given to her by her parents.

The Riley’s maintain that they gave their daughter the medications in accordance with Dr. Kifuji’s orders.

Seeking Compensation

The suit seeks compensation on behalf of Rebecca who suffered and was wrongfully killed as a result of the medications prescribed to her.

Compensation is being sought by Rebecca’s estate for medical and funeral expenses as well as mental anguish.

(Source: Wicked Local)

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