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Woman Files Suit Against Former Surgeon

A former patient at the New Milford Hospital recently filed a medical malpractice suit against the facility and her former surgeon.

The woman claims that her leg was amputated after she was mistreated at the hospital when there were complications in her spinal surgery.

Hospital and Surgeon Stand Accused

Eileen Kelleher and her husband, Dominic Paganini, are blaming the former chief of surgery, Dr. Ramon Mabasa for failing to properly treat Kelleher.

In 2005, Kelleher was admitted to the hospital where Dr. Mabasa performed spinal surgery on her.

Lawsuit Details

The lawsuit claims that when Kelleher was recovering from the surgery, she suffered from intra-abdominal hemorrhaging, post-operative bleeding, abdominal wounds and other injuries that the staff at the hospital did not properly treat.

As a result of the improper care, Kelleher’s leg became infected and doctors were forced to perform an above the knee amputation.

Consequences of Negligence

According to the suit, the nursing staff at the New Milford Hospital didn’t properly supervise Kelleher’s care and once complications arose post-surgery, doctors were not notified in time.

Kelleher claims that as a result of the negligence by both the hospital and surgeon, her health has become impaired and she will need continuous medical care throughout her life.

Kelleher’s attorney, Joel Faxon, says he will seek whatever reward the jury finds suitable for “a woman who needlessly lost her leg.”

(Source: News Times)

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