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Woman Sues Surgeon over Excessive Pain

A woman who claims she experienced much more pain than was necessary caused by surgical complications not diagnosed has filed a lawsuit against the surgeon who operated on her.

Leola Barnette filed her medical malpractice lawsuit against gynecological oncologist Michael Schiano on March 28.

The Lawsuit

The suit claims that Barnette went to see Schiano in December 2004 when she was suffering from abdominal pain.

The doctor performed surgery to remove Barnette’s appendix and ovaries. The suit claims that he also detached portions of her bladder and colon, which had adhered to nearby tissue.

The suit claims that after her surgery, Barnette continued to feel pain.

A later examination revealed that she had an abscess, the suit stated.

The Injury

Barnette had a CT scan performed on Jan. 11 showing that she had an abnormality at the site of the surgery. It could have been a fluid collection resulting from the surgery, a portion of the ovary, ovarian cystic disease or an abscess, the suit claims.

Barnette went to Ruby Memorial Hospital to see the chief of surgery, Lawrence Roberts.

“Ms. Barnette reported wound drainage, which included food particles and digestive gas,” stated the suit. “Dr. Roberts diagnosed an enterocutaneous fistula following gynecological surgery.”

Roberts then conducted an exploratory laparotomy, removed about 12 inches of Barnette’s colon and repaired the fistula.

The suit claims that Schiano failed to “recognize the potential for bowel injury in a more timely manner and had to have seen to it that this was resolved long before the need for bowel loss was a direct deviation in the standard of care of a gynecological oncologist.”

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