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Women Claims Walgreen’s Error Caused Miscarriage

When a woman began getting sick a month into her pregnancy, she figured that she just had morning sickness.

However, when she miscarried about a month later she learned that the pills she was taking were not prenatal vitamins, but were a potent chemotherapy medication that was mistakenly given to her.

Medical Malpractice Suit Filed

Chanda Givens filed the suit against Walgreen Co., the pharmacy who allegedly dispensed the wrong medication, which reportedly killed her unborn child.

Chanda and her husband, who are both seeking unspecified damages, filed the medical malpractice suit last week.

The suit claims that the company failed to properly supervise their pharmacy personnel and because of this, they put Chanda and her child at risk.

Plaintiff Given Wrong Medication

When Chanda went to Walgreen’s to get the prenatal vitamin, Meterna, she was supposedly given Matulane, a chemotherapy drug for treating Hodgkin’s disease.

Matulane is a drug that is designed to interfere with cell growth and DNA development.

When she went to her doctor, Chanda was told that her baby was not developing properly and only weeks later she miscarried.

When she phoned the pharmacy, personnel realized their mistake.

Mother At Risk

Chanda is currently the mother of an eight-year old girl but fears that by taking the medication, she will be disabled from having children in the future.

An oncologist claims that by taking Matulane she is as risk for developing solid tumors in the future.

(Source: Insurance Journal)

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