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Suits Filed for Medication Mistake

According to reports, more lawsuits are expected to be filed within the next week by several law firms throughout West Virginia.

The suits are being filed against Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc., and other drug manufacturers for medications that have caused more harm than good in patients.

Suits Filed for Medication Mistake

The lawsuits are reportedly stemming from Digitek, a medication that was recently recalled due to its risks.

“We’ve had a fair amount of calls from individuals whose loved ones suffered death or congestive heart failure while taking the medication,” explains James C. Peterson, an attorney in West Virginia.

“We believe there have been five to 10 deaths in West Virginia alone from the medication.”

Digitek at Root of Problems

Digitek, which is also known as digoxin, is a product of Acatavis and in April researchers found that some of the pills contained double amount of the active ingredient.

As a result, patients were becoming increasingly ill, and some even lost their lives from taking the medication.

“It ended up causing congestive heart failure, when it was supposed to prevent it,” says Peterson. “Instead of treating the problem, it exacerbated it.”

(Source: State Journal)

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