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Woman Sues over Wrongful Birth

A woman has filed a lawsuit claiming that a Planned Parenthood doctor did not properly perform an abortion and as a result, the baby remained inside her uterus and she did not know she was pregnant until weeks before she gave birth to the baby. Another doctor is also named as a defendant in the suit for the wrongly diagnosed pregnancy.

The suit, filed by Jennifer Raper, 45, seeks damages from Planned Parenthood, the doctor who performed the unsuccessful abortion, and another doctor who allegedly failed to detect the pregnancy. Raper seeks damages for the cost of raising her daughter.

The Events

Jennifer Raper said that she found out in March 2004 that she was pregnant. She decided to get an abortion for financial reasons. She saw Dr. Allison Bryant – a physician at Planned Parenthood at the time – to have the abortion performed.

Dr. Bryant performed the abortion on April 9, 2004, but according to the lawsuit, it “was not done properly, causing the plaintiff to remain pregnant.”

After the abortion, Bryant told Reaper to visit her primary physician.

Raper went to Dr. Benjamin Eleonu at the Boston Medical Center. The doctor performed a pelvic exam and told her that her uterus was normal even though Raper was 20 weeks pregnant by that point, the suit states.

Raper did not find out she was pregnant until she went to the New England Medical Center emergency room for pain in her pelvis on September 26. The doctors there informed her that she was pregnant. She gave birth December 7.

The Suit

The suit claims that both Bryant and Planned Parenthood were negligent for failing to terminate her pregnancy, and that Dr. Eleonu was negligent for failing to diagnose her pregnancy.

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